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SPADE  Model 40 Dimensions


A 578
B 228
C 242
D 264
E 435
F 270
G 6
Dimensions in millimetres and are approximate.

Print the following templates to test whether the SPADE will fit your boat. You can use them to build a simple full scale model or just use the shank profile to get a rough idea

We have come up with this method of allowing you to produce a reasonably accurate model of your chosen size of SPADE anchor.  Whilst the construction of this model is time consuming, we are sure that you can appreciate that it is easier and cheaper than sending models around the country.  If you have problems in constructing a model, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance on 01534 739594.

We have chosen A4 paper as this is the most common paper size.




Model 40 Template (PDF)



Weights are approximate


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