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Model 40 Template
Model 60 Template
Model 80 Template
Model 100 Template
Model 140 Template
Model 200 Template

SPADE  Template Instructions


We have come up with this method of allowing you to produce a reasonably accurate model of your chosen size of SPADE anchor. 

 Whilst the construction of this model is time consuming, we are sure that you can appreciate that it is easier and cheaper than sending models around the country.  If you have problems in constructing a model, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance on 01534 739594.

We have chosen A4 paper as this is the most common paper size.


    1.    Print pdf file onto A4 paper.

Make sure that your printer settings are set to print at 100 and that neither the shrink oversized pages nor the expand small pages boxes are checked.  Print page may differ from that show depending on Adobe Acrobat Reader version.

2.    Arrange sheets so that all reference letters and numbers line up. Donít be surprised if there are gaps, most printers canít print to the edge of the page.

3.    Tape all sheets together.

4.    Cut out the template.

5.    Place on suitable sized cardboard and trace around.

6.    Cut out cardboard sections (solid lines only).

7.    Crease the main blade section along the segmented dotted line.

8.    Score and fold along dashed lines.

9.    Cut out the main slot in blade and in tab.

10.Pierce holes in side sections and the main anchor shaft.

11.Insert tab into tab slot to make blade into a 3D triangular shape.

12.Insert anchor shaft into main slot and secure with a cable tie or string fed

     through the three holes.  Tighten until the blade takes on a concave shape.

13.Your model anchor is now complete.


This model is intended as an approximate interpretation of the true dimensions of the anchor.  It may also be used to judge whether or not the SPADE will suit your particular application, but no responsibility will be accepted if the real anchor fails to match up exactly

Acrobat Reader Required

Model 40 Template  
Model 60 Template
Model 80 Template
Model 100 Template
Model 140 Template   
Model 200 Template





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