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SPADE  Instructions



Insert the shank into the blade's well from the top of the blade.  From below the blade, insert a conical tool such as a large screwdriver blade at the level of the heel of the shank to push the shank forward in the well.  This will block the shank (see diagram).  When the holes are in line, insert the screw and tighten the nut firmly.  The supplied nut is a "Nylock" type and will not unscrew itself (You should use a new nylock nut each time the anchor is reassembled).  All anchors are assembled at the factory before shipping to be sure that the holes are in line.


How to connect your Spade to your chain

There are a large number of purpose built anchor connectors on the market, the majority of these are simply inadequate and are prone to failure.  They were originally designed to overcome the problems associated with using a normal shackle which tends to get caught on a bow roller during recovery.  If this is not likely to be a problem, we advise using a shackle of one size greater than that of the chain.  If the bow roller is likely to fail a shackle, then use a rigging toggle as shown in the picture below.