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Range Overview
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SPADE  Range Overview


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Galvanised Steel





Stainless Steel



Model 40 (400cm2)

  S40  6kg details  

A40  2.5kg details


X40  6kg details

Model 60 (600cm2)  

S60  10kg details


A60  4.5kg details


X60  10kg details

Model 80 (800cm2)  

S80  15kg details


A80  7kg details


X80  15kg details

Model 100 (1000cm2)  

S100  20kg details


A100  9kg details


X100  20kg details

Model 120 (1000cm2)  

S120  25kg details


X120  25kg details

Model 140 (1400cm2)


S140  30kg details


A140  15kg details


X140  30kg details

Model 160 (1600cm2)


S160  37kg details


X160  37kg details

Model 180 (1800cm2)  

S180  44kg details




X180  44kg details

Model 200 (2000cm2)  

S200  55kg details


A200  25kg details


X200  55kg details

Model 240 (2400cm2)


S240  70kg details



Other sizes can sometimes be made to order.

Weights are approximate


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