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How it works...
How it works...
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The Seven Safety Criteria
Technical Details

SPADE     The Seven Safety Criteria


  1. The anchor must dig in fast.

  2. The anchor must bury deep. 

  3. The anchor must give the maximum holding power without dragging. 

  4. The anchor must offer a constant resistance to movement even if it eventually moves under extreme load. 

  5. The anchor must hold despite wind or current shifts. 

  6. The anchor rode must not be able to snag the anchor.

  7. The anchor must be strong enough to withstand very high loads.

       In addition to all the above

SPADE anchors:-

               - Do not require the use of a special mooring line, or anchoring technique.
- Can be used with a low rode-length to depth ratio.      
- Are painted bright yellow so you can visually check how well they are dug in. Are self-launching, and self-retrieving.
- Fit snugly on most bow rollers, presenting a rounded forward surface.

- Can be easily dismantled into shank and body, for storage or transport.





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