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How it works...
How it works...
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SPADE     How it works... ON VIDEO

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It digs in quickly...
The SPADE anchor is designed to always land the right way up and penetrate as quickly as possible no matter what the seabed type.

It turns with the wind or tide...
Once dug in the SPADE anchor will turn during wind and tide shifts without pulling free.

It always lands the right way ...
The SPADE will always land at the optimum angle for penetration but should is somehow land upside down it will flip over instantly.

Clogging doesn't stop it...
Its unique design allows it to penetrate even when clogged with mud or sand.

There is no load on the bolt...
The SPADE anchor is dismantleable for easy stowage.  The two pieces are held together by a non-load bearing bolt.  To show that there is no force on the bolt we can show that it will still penetrate with no bolt at all.

For demonstration purposes only.  Always ensure nut and bolt are tight before use.

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