Hello I have an A100 Aluminium that I used during hurricane Ivan in Pensacola Fl. …. That night I set my boat on the hook using a Spade A100 and 150 ft of 5.16 chain,…
We had 27 other boats in the safest Moorage in Pensacola…. that night the winds reached 155mph then the eye passed over us and it was dead calm,… and the the other side of the storm blew at 140mph at this time all the boats turned 180 degrees and this is when the…. hit the fan,…. in the morning the only boats left in the bayou,…. was mine and one other boat using the same Spade Anchor,….25 boats were not there,….
I know that I will always use these anchors on my boats,…. I have a 40 ft sea – ray… and a 28 Wellcraft,…. My insurance company loves you, thanks !