CrewMedic Marine First Aid Kits

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First Aid Kits for Boats, Yachts & Water Sports

Kits to suit Boats, Yachts, Cruisers,
Speed Boats, Wind Surfers, Canoeists, Divers, Jet Skis, White-Water Rafts, Dinghies or Fishermen!


CrewMedic first aid kits are designed using modern components carefully selected to suit possible emergencies aboard. To ease selection three kits are available based on the approximate time away from help, 3o Minutes, 60 Minutes or 180 minutes.  30 minutes would be suitable for dinghy sailors, canoes, kayaks and jet skis for example.  A 180 kit would be suitable to up to cross channel level.


30 min from help, 60 min from Help, 180 min from Help


Soft Pouch, Pelican Box, Refill Pack


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