Hurricane Charley

I wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks. On Friday the 13th of August our little piece of paradise here in Punta Gorda Florida had a visitor from the south. Hurricane Charley came to town as a Cat 4 with sustained winds of over 145 mph and gusts to 200 ! I had prepared our boat ( Lagoon 410 cruising catamaran) by putting out our Model 100 Spade anchor forward, one more line off the bow to a dock across the canal, one off starboard side to a neighboring dock, a 35# *** aft and 4 lines to my dock standing off about 30 feet. Just before the eye got to us, to my amazement my 4 pilings we gone ! ! ! My boat was swinging over and nudging a boat across the canal. When I could see through the rain and wind the other bow line was gone (later to be found cut by debris) The only thing that kept our boat from being a complete loss was your great anchor ! She drug about a hundred feet through the ooze on the bottom until she hit the solid beneath. To give you an idea of how strong the wind was, about 300 feet in front of us a Manta 40 cruising cat was lifted and did a 360 degree roll over the bow and landed on a 26 foot power boat on a lift. They both later sank when blown off by cradle with the wind shift. Oh yes the *** on the back end dragged and let my boat get damaged on the port side with the wind shift. I have about $3500 dollars of fiberglass work, but all else said we were very fortunate, thanks to your great product ! And yes I will be replacing that *** with another Spade in the near future.

Thank you for designing such a great product ! ! !