SPADE High Performance Anchor

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Spade High Performance anchor – The world’s most reliable anchor for 20 years!


SPADE… the World’s most reliable anchor

  • Always lands the right way up.
  • Penetrates extremely quickly – often within its own length. Penetrates the most difficult seabeds – including weed, kelp and gravel.
  • Gives phenomenal holding power.
  • Turns with the wind or tide without breaking free.
  • Better for the marine environment.



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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions N/A

Galvanised, Aluminium, Stainless Steel


Model 40, Model 60, Model 80, Model 100, Model 120, Model 140, Model 160, Model 180, Model 200, Model 240

2 reviews for SPADE High Performance Anchor

  1. A Austin

    Hello I have an A100 Aluminium that I used during hurricane Ivan in Pensacola Fl. …. That night I set my boat on the hook using a Spade A100 and 150 ft of 5.16 chain,…
    We had 27 other boats in the safest Moorage in Pensacola…. that night the winds reached 155mph then the eye passed over us and it was dead calm,… and the the other side of the storm blew at 140mph at this time all the boats turned 180 degrees and this is when the…. hit the fan,…. in the morning the only boats left in the bayou,…. was mine and one other boat using the same Spade Anchor,….25 boats were not there,….
    I know that I will always use these anchors on my boats,…. I have a 40 ft sea – ray… and a 28 Wellcraft,…. My insurance company loves you, thanks !

  2. Barbara Potter

    I promised to send you any interesting incidents we encountered when using our new Spade 100 anchor on our Moody 46 in the Mediterranean.

    On the night of Wednesday May 21st., the night of the Algerian earthquake, we were securely anchored in the cove of Porto Petro on the south east coast of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands in hard sand and sea grass – our most difficult anchoring type of bottom.

    At about 21.30 or so the eleven boats in our anchorage started wild gyrations as a bore of water came racing out of the nearby marina. Yachts started tearing past us as they dragged their anchors and then came racing back again as the surge of water came back into the cove (or Cala as they are named in the Balearics) from out at sea.

    We found out over the VHF that this frightening happening was caused by the severe earthquake 150 miles away in Algeria. For two hours were were swirled violently in all directions, but, our new Spade 100 held firm and did not drag one iota. We know this as we were monitoring our anchoring position electronically as other yachts dragged all over the place. We could only start the engine and steer around the anchor in order to avoid the other boats most of which were totally out of control.

    We came through this frightening night unscathed thanks to our trusty Spade which stood up to its severest test yet, unmoved. Other yachts were not so lucky as we understand since that there was quite a lot of damage in the coves and marinas in the Balearic Islands that night. Hope this information is of interest to you. As far as we could tell we were the only boat using a Spade anchor that night.

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